Bill Purdy's 2003 USTA 3.5 Seniors - Nationals

Bill Purdy's 3.5 USTA Senior team placed fourth at the Seniors National Championship in Scottsdale, Arizona on October 19, 2003.  The players from left to right are:  Paul Galey, John Zeh, Bill Purdy, Jim Seaman and Jeff Jordan. Not pictured are Barry Bruderer and Larry Rorick (on R & R).
The Women's 3.5 Seniors placed 2nd in their flight but did not make it into the semifinals.

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Bill Purdy's 2003 USTA 3.5 Seniors - Sectionals

Bill Purdy's 3.5 Senior team won the USTA Men's Senior Sectional Championship on September 14, 2003. The Sectionals were held at Central Park in Schenectady, NY. The players are from left to right: Jim Seaman, Barry Bruderer, Bill Purdy (Captain), John Zeh, Larry Rorick, Jeffrey Jordan, and Paul Galey (front).  The team will go on to compete in the Nationals in Scottsdale, AZ October 16-19.

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Bob Kelly's 2002 USTA 3.5 Seniors

Won the sectional championship in September at Prospect Park in Troy.

Robert Kelly's USTA Seniors team became the Seniors 3.5 Division, Sectional Champions, at Prospect Park, Troy, New York on September 13-15, 2002. Robert Kelly's team will represent the Eastern Section at the USTA National Tournament in Palm Springs, California on October 18-20, 2002. The players are from left to right: Peter Howard, Larry Rorick, William Purdy, George Della Rocco, Edwin Post,  Robert Kelly (captain), Steve Wold, John Zeh, Barry Loffredo. and Charles Gill (not in photo).

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