911 turbo

Z's    911 Turbo Cabriolet


Everything seems made to scale - looks like a real car unlike all the other Fisher-price ride-on toys.

It does a burn-out on concrete, two forward speeds and a reverse speed, has a 100+ pound weight limit, adjustable seats, and it's a two-seater.  The steering wheel is an exact miniature of what is in my 968.  The only thing missing from this 911 is an oil leak.

When zz got it for his 3rd birthday, his first drive was to a neighbor's house to give a particular young girl a ride.  Unfortunately, she did not know he was coming to visit, and he parked in front of her house and refused to move for 20 minutes.  He kept saying to me:  'Is [girls name] coming out'?  And I kept saying that she does not know you are out here on her driveway.  Well, his patience finally wore out, plus a bribe to go for burger and fries he finally drove off.

ZZ is a rennlist member (#990706-1382) and has been to a Porsche Parade, the Watkins Glen 50/50 Celebration, and several DE's.  Can't start them too early!


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