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USSA J3 States, Bristol Mtn.

USSA J3 States, Bristol Mtn.

USSA J3 States, Bristol Mtn.

USSA J3 States, Bristol Mtn. Never met a Slalom Course he didn't like.

J3 USSA race, Windham Mtn.

USSA J3 SuperG, Gore Mtn.

USSA J3 SuperG, Gore Mtn.

J3 USSA SuperG, Gore Mtn.

2011 J3 West Mtn Team.

2011 USSA J3 Junior Olympics, Okemo Mountain

2011 Junior Olympics, Slalom.

2011 Junior Olympics, SuperG.

2011 Junior Olympians from West Mtn.



Washington, DC.

Joga Bonito @ Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC.

SR71, Smthisonian Udvar Hazy Center.

Jefferson's Monticello Home, Virginia.

Home with Miss Dubh.

Summer / Fall

Rhododendrons. Dad's favorite plant.

Birthday Boy

What's so funny. Ask Zz.

Grandma Mita's visit, Loudonville, NY.

Cousins visit.

St.Rose Summer Jazz Concert.

Freestyle at the WPS Final, Rochester, NY.

With Wilfen Beck, one of our French Angora's.

Gettysburg. Field of Pickett's Charge.

Gettysburg. View from Round Top.

Practice, Dec 25.

French Angoras: Miss Dubh & Wilfen Beck

Zak 50th Anniversary, Lake Seymour, Vermont.



Dutchmen Soccer

Green Mountain Tournament.

NERP game.

NERP game.

Long Island Tournament.

Green Mountain Tournament.

Seaside Tournament, Rhode Island.

Dutchmen Premiere U15.


Deerfield Academy


Freshman Pic.

English homework while travelling for a ski race.

Deerfield Dorm, year 2. This time in Dewey.

Sophomore dorm mates.

DA 2011 Spring concert.

Visit @ DA by Zak Grandparents.

Hike to the Rock with Mom.

100 Year Flood wipes out athletic fields.

Sophomore dorm buddies.

Choate Bonfire.

Holiday Concert.

Sophomore picture. Big difference in 1 year.


Deerfield Academy Skiing / Soccer

Deerfield Varsity Skiing.

DA Spring Soccer

DA Spring Soccer

Preseason, Greenwich, CT.

Preseason vs Greenwich HS

Preseason vs Vermont Academy

Preseason vs Berkshire. Size matters not.

Preseason vs Williams College

DA vs Westminster

DA vs Westminster

DA vs Westminster

DA vs Westminster

DA vs Westminster

DA vs Brunswick

DA vs Brunswick

DA vs Suffield

DA vs Salisbury

DA vs Avon


Boyden Liga.

DA vs Choate. Finish Strong.

DA Varsity 2011



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