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J3 States;  Never met a Slalom Course he didn't like.



Empire Cup
Zz asleep @ Turners Falls
Two Year Old Futbol Player



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USSA J3 GS, Whiteface Mtn.

Las Vegas Cup, Nevada

Throne @ Home.

USSA J3 States, West Mtn.

Fastest 1st year J3 SL in the State.

USSA J3 States GS, West Mtn.

USSA J3 States GS, West Mtn.

Are the skis short enough...

Never met a Slalom Course he didn't like.

Looking right at you.

NYS Sectional High School Championship

NYS Sectional High School Championship

Horst Derby Champion

Spring: Virginia, Science

Chesapeake IceBreaker Tournament

Some of the worst fields ever...

Guns! USS Wisconsin. Huge.

Colonial Williamsburg. Play Everywhere!

Jamestown Settlement

Replica of ships that sailed from England to Virginia, 1607.

Historic Jamestowne

James Fort

Yorktown Battlefield. Wicked battle fought here.

Williamsburg Folk Art Museum

"Jabulani, is it better" science project.

Relevant in a World Cup year.

Science and Soccer!

Storm King

Albany Academy Boston Fieldtrip



Rhododendrons. Dad's favorite plant.

Rhododendrons. Only blooms in May.

Albany Academies Spring Concert

Birthday Boy

ENY President's League Game

Joga bonito before the Czech vs USA game, Hartford, CT.

Oakwood Soccer Tournament, Hartford, CT.

Albany Academy

Middle School Graduation. Final Day as an Albany Academy student.

Scholar/Athlete of the Year.

Tempus Fugit. Ten excellent years at this fine school.

Best Goal of 2010

Empire Cup, frame 1.

Empire Cup, frame 2.

Empire Cup, frame 3.

Empire Cup, frame 4.

Empire Cup, frame 5.

Empire Cup, frame 6.

Empire Cup game.



Clifton Park International

Williams Soccer Camp

Coach Russo runs a great camp!

Lake George, NY

You don't see Zz relax too often.

Lake George, NY

Water is clear and Cold.

IMG Brochure, 2010.

IMG Soccer Academy. Game On!

IMG. Nicest pitches in the country.

IMG. Soccer Heaven.

IMG. Spanish mostly spoken.

Siesta Key Beach, Sarasota , FL

Florida in August. Hot!

Need to find a beach soccer tournament.

Siesta Key. Nicest beach in the country.

Zak Family, Mendon, VT

NY ODP Soccer

Region I, Rider Tournament.

Region I, Rider Tournament.

NY State ODP team.

Easy on the little guy!

Deerfield Academy


Leaving for DA

Deerfield Dorm. Where did our toddler go...

Wind Ensemble

Dorm Olympics

Preseason, Dartmouth College.

Preseason vs Hartford H.S.

Futbol preseason

Run Zz Run!

Preseason vs Berkshire

Preseason vs Middlebury College

Varsity vs Taft [vicious game]

That cast looks huge.

Varsity vs Suffield

Size matters not.

Soccer is best played in the rain!

Greenfield Rec Soccer. We miss those days!

DA vs Andover

Take space.

So close...

Go Green!

Holiday Concert

Deerfield Academy Varsity Soccer 2010


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