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Viva la France!


ZZ LeTour offpiste


ZZ Toddler
ZZ Baby

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Pisgah Slalom, NY

Wax, wax, wax!

West Mtn, NY

West Mtn, NY

West Mtn, NY

West Mtn Ides Race, NY

Sugar Slalom, Stowe, VT

Stowe, VT

Paris!  Again!

Play Everywhere.

Play Everywhere.

Play Everywhere.

Bobino Cabaret. The PG rated picture.

Play Everywhere.

Play Everywhere.

Rodin Museum. Dante's Inferno in the background.



Play Everywhere.

People generally joined in.

Play Everywhere. Even on the Champs.

Play Everywhere.

Did they play football when the Arc was built?

Play Everywhere.

Lunch on the Champs.

ZZ had the best time under the lights.

Rubbings on the Eiffel.

Play Everywhere. Pompidou Centre.

Play Everywhere. Is there a theme here?






 Chamonix, France & Courmayeur, Italy


 Our run in March, 2008 on the Vallee Blanche was the greatest ski run of our lives.




Courmayeur, Italy

Fab food on the ski trail.

Italian at rest.

He says this doesn't hurt.

Courmayeur has the Best hot coco in the world!

Grand Montents, Chamonix

It's not steep when there are no trees to hit.

Grand Montets views.

Grand Montets backside. Awesome skiing.

Grand Montets offpiste.

Grand Montets.

On route to the Aiguille du Midi and the Vallee Blanche.

You fall you die! 3800 meters up.

On the Arete.

Play Everywhere! Even on the world's greatest ski run.

The Vallee Banche. 12 miles / 20 kms of white heaven.

Dad needed a break halfway down.

About the spot that avalanched later on.

Where the mohawk? World extreme skier Glen Plake skied the same run down the Vallee Blanche.

Great French food after the Vallee Blanche.

Back to town, boohoo.

Xavier went for another run off the Aiguille du Midi.

Unencumbered by Dad, ZZ went pretty fast.

How do you wax for this? I guess it snows in the alps.

Mom would not have been happy.

Doing the famous Glen Plake move. Not enough hair for a mohawk though.

Grand Montets - 3275 meters up.

We are never taking another ski vacation in North America.

Grand Montets - pictures cannot do the place justice.

Europe rocks!


Lyon, France

View from our hotel balcony.

Play Everywhere! Especially on one of the most famous squares in France.

In France with some Friends.

View of Lyon.

ZZ's first steak tartar! This place in Lyon has served many heads of state.

Lyon vs Paris SG. More than a religious experience.

After seeing a euro football game, makes you think twice to play any other sport.




Spring soccer tournament.

First music recital.

Free kick contest.

Friends during his birthday.

About the right size bowling ball.

Gem in the rough.

Only blooms around his birthday.

Clifton Park International champion! This pic made the papers.

Mita got to see ZZ's team win.

LCSC U12 team.

That's mom in the background.

Yes, dad had to tow ZZ again.

New pet.

NYS Olympic Development Program [ODP] tryouts.

You simply cannot have enough legos.

NYC trip.

Who says you need a fullsize ball?

Play Everywhere!

Trying yet another move.


ODP Region 1 camp with the NYS and other state teams.

ODP camp.

Squares with future MLS player Jonathan U.

ODP Region 1 camp.

ODP NY state team.

Tourney with the ODP team.

Fall / Winter


On a friend's tame horse.

Academies boys modified soccer.

One guy was as tall sitting as ZZ standing.

A move that sort of worked. Pic courtesy of a teamate [N.D.].

Crowding around the ball. Who's the coach?

Fall foilage.

Academies 2008 Boys Modified Soccer. 14 & 1, 1st place!

Play! Even on Thanksgiving.

Stowe, VT. Best tree skiing in the east.

Stowe, VT. Now the most expensive lift ticket in the country.

Stowe, VT. A bit out of bounds. LoL.


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