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Pico, Vermont

Middlebury, Vermont

Stratton, Vermont

Middlebury, Vermont

Top of White Heat, Sunday River, New Hampshire

In the trees (as usual) at Sunday River, New Hampshire

top of Sugarloaf, Maine. You have to hike up to this, but it's the only above-tree level skiing in the East.

top of Sugarloaf, Maine

back view from the top of Sugarloaf, Maine

ZZ's favorite trail at Sugarloaf, Maine. Good luck trying to find the entrance.

Cant Dog, Sugarloaf. Ski good and you still might eat wood!

Cant Dog, Sugarloaf. Classic New England skiing.

Cant Dog, Sugarloaf. To ski all of this trail, you have to go out-of-bounds. Really!

ZZ's birthday cake. I hope we are not giving the impression that ZZ is really into skiing. :-)

AA fieldtrip, Lake George, NY. A rare day out-of-uniform.

The plate on ZZ's r/c race car, at the 50th Parade.

Opening dinner, 50th anniversary Parade.

Opening dinner of the 50th Anniversary Parade. Who said James Dean is dead?

I somehow envisioned the Michelin Man as being bigger.

ZZ next to dad's dream car.

ZZ's dream porsche. Just kidding (about the dream, that is).

Parade r/c autocross. The kids kicked the adults butts!

Hershey Factory with a fellow red sox fan.

Some has-been winning the 968 stock class at Parade.

ZZ on his way to winning the kids auto-x. He also won the 5k run in the junior division.

Next to the Carrera GT, this was ZZ's favorite car out of the thousands at Parade.

Start of the Parade of Porsches, the highlight of the week.

How dare this Carerra GT park behind my 968!

Fallingwater, Pennsylvania. Considered the most architecturally significant building in North America.

Inside Fallingwater, pots such as this Maria Martinez masterpiece, which normally is behind glass in a museum, are out in the open.

Inside Fallingwater - one of the bedrooms.

Historic Summit Inn - near Fallingwater.

Having ice cream at Kentuck Knob, another Frank Lloyd Wright house near Fallingwater.

Grandma visited along with cousin Jackie.

ZZ and cousin jackie at the AA playground. What happend to ZZ's hair?

Skating with cousin Jackie; 1st time on skates for her (nothing like risking her D-I tennis scholarship).

ZZ's Grandma visiting.

Ahhhh...pizza and belgian beer at Movenpick, Toronto. (ZZ's favorite restaurant)

With cousins Jackie and Jon.

At a friend's steel processing plant.

We tried several high-end bike shops looking for a bike, but found the best choice at a downtown Toronto mall.

At a party celebrating an uncle's 50th birthday, with cousin jon.

Dancing with cousin Jon's girlfriend.

Mom and Dad can never get him to dance, but other people seem able to.

What happened to the socks?

ZZ showing dad how it's done.

On the high-speed car ferry between Toronto and Rochester. Wonderful way to travel.

Williams College soccer camp, winning the most coachable award.

In the bunk at the Williams Inn, with his fav penguin Fides.

1st day of school, september, 2005. We tried to get 'Got Bumps' for a plate, but that was already taken.

One of ZZ's lego creations. If you've visited our house, you know he's got loads and buckets of the stuff.

Hiking down Whitetail, Jiminy Peak, Massachussetts. Note to self: do not hike this in shorts!

Top of Jiminy Peak, Massachussetts.

AA Middle School soccer team.

With a teammate on his Latham town soccer team. He and the team had a great season!

Coach Dad wraps up the season. ZZ had 14 goals (2 hat-tricks), 4 assists in 10 games, while playing left midfield.

Haloween tradition.

They are all missing teeth!

Wildwood, New Jersey. It's mid-october, so blankets and jackets are needed, unless....

... you are a kid! Wildwood, New Jersey.

ZZ's Turn, Stowe, Vermont. ZZ pounded out a trail through the brush, skier's left of Chin Clip trail.

Out-of-bounds, Stowe, Vermont. Don't tell anyone we skied a closed trail to get to this out-of-bounds area.

Goat, Front 4, Stowe, Vt. ZZ forced his dad to ski this trail for the first time. That's not grass or branches behind ZZ, those are rocks!

AA Holiday Concert

ZZ tests to advance to black-belt candidate.

My leg hurts just looking at this.

Form test. After this, he had to break two 3/4-inch boards with one kick.

After 2+ years, finally a black belt candidate.

ZZ asked we include this lunatic on his 25th anniversary high school reunion. CEO's, doctors, presidential hopefuls, etc. all got up with the band.

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