Pictures for 2002

Welcome to our pictures for the year 2002.
Not as tardy as in 2001, but we still apologize for the delay in sending our 2002 card.

Some pages are not too friendly to the bandwidth-challenged.

Disneyworld, Magic Kingdom  (march 2002)

Disneyworld, Animal Kingdom   (march 2002)

Disneyworld, Blizzard Beach  (march 2002)

Disneyworld, MGM Studios  (march 2002)

Disneyworld, Wilderness Lodge  (march 2002)

Disneyworld, miscellaneous pictures  (march 2002)

Skiing   (march & april & october)

Mita Visit   (may 2002)

Philadelphia, PA  (may 2002)

ZZ's Birthday Party  (may 2002)

Alaska Cruise, ship Infinity, part 1    (june 2002)

Alaska Cruise, ship Infinity, part 2  (june 2002)

Alaska Cruise, ship Infinity, dinners  (june 2002)

Alaska Cruise, Juneau, Alaska  (june 2002)

Alaska Cruise, Ketchikan, Alaska  (june 2002)

Alaska Cruise, Skagway, Alaska  (june 2002)

Alaska Cruise, Miscellaneous Pictures  (june 2002)

Alaska Cruise, Totem Poles  (june 2002)

Alaska Cruise, Vancouver, B.C.  (june 2002)

Alaska Cruise, Xavier dancing  (june 2002)

Chris~Jamie Wedding  (august 2002)

Redwood National Forest  (august 2002)

San Francisco   (august 2002)

San Francisco Zoo  (august 2002)

1st Day Albany Academy, Grade 1   (september 2002)

Albany Academy, miscellaneous pictures

Halloween   (oct 2002)

Xavier Hockey   (november 2002)

Skiing   (march & april & october)

Storm King   (october 2002)

Thanksgiving   at Home  (october 2002)

Tai Kwan Do   (fall 2002)

Suicide Six - 1st ski race (january 2003)

miscellaneous 2002 pictures  (year round)

Xavier at home   (year round)


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